A Small Town Girl with Big Dreams

Did you grow up in a small town? If you did, you know that small towns are wonderful close-knit communities.  However, there is usually very little in the way of economic opportunity.  I had loving parents who worked hard to provide for our family.  However, I came to realize that I wanted more than my small town could provide.  Like many people from small towns and maybe even you, I left home shortly after high school.  I wanted to pursue a college education. With no way to pay for college, I decided to join the Army for four years in exchange for a full paid college tuition when I was finished.  While on active duty, I met my husband of now 22 years. We served together, went to college together, and now have two girls together (ages 12 and 9).

Did you struggle with your career path? I did. I knew I wanted to help people so I thought I would pursue teaching. However, while working on my college degree to become a high school social studies teacher, I had an opportunity to fit model for Express, Inc. What I thought was going to be a short-term, part-time job turned into a fit modeling career that has spanned 19 years. As a fit model, I am required to maintain my exact body measurements in order to ensure a quality fit for the brand. Through my efforts to maintain my measurements, I have learned daily behaviors and habits required to maintain a healthy weight.

Have you ever felt happy but still felt like something was missing? This was how I felt at this point in my career. I realized that what I was missing was the fulfilling “helping people” element. I then realized I could connect my passions of fitness, wellness, and healthy living to help other people reach their own goals. People that knew I fit modeled and understood that I had to maintain my measurements always asked me for advice. Until I found Beachbody I was only able to share my personal experiences and how I was able to achieve and maintain a health weight.

Beachbody’s coaching opportunity provided me with the tools of simple nutrition and proven fitness programs that I needed to successfully help others achieve their goals. I now host monthly online Healthy Lifestyle Accountability groups where I educate, support, and hold clients accountable DAILY to their personal health and fitness goals.  I coach them through the transition to a healthier lifestyle. I teach participants how to eat clean, how to fit exercise into their busy day, and how to enjoy their favorite foods guilt free as occasional treats. I invite you to join me for my next monthly group. Contact me today to learn how.

Have you ever dreamed of having a fulfilling career with flexible part-time hours, that allows you to be with your family and travel whenever and wherever you want? This is what Healthy Lifestyle Coaching has given to me. It has enabled me to work from home doing what I love with those I love around me. I now OWN my life. I don’t have to answer to an employer. I am building my own dream. It has brought career fulfillment, freedom both physically and financially, and most importantly the ability to spend more time with my family. It has been my greatest pleasure to introduce this life to other women so that they too can be close to their family as they build a career of their dreams and create their best life. If you are interested contact me today.

We only regret chances we don’t take!

Act today to get healthy and build your best life!